Diamond Interest Sdn. Bhd. (D.I.)

Founded in 1995, Diamond Interest (D.I.) is a subsidiary of Dynapharm Group of Companies (DNG), producing and selling high-quality healthcare products. We at the D.I. would like to thank you, our loyal distributors and valued customers, for your continued support and cooperation over the years. This powerful energy has encouraging us to move forward and create more miracles!

Plan And Strategies

Through the hard work of active distributors, professional training programs, plus a fair and simple marketing plan with a variety of high-quality products, D.I. has succeeded in developing and expanding its distribution network and loyal customer base, while inspiring its distributors from different backgrounds to earn their dream income and strive for greater rewards, helping them to enjoy a better quality of living.

D.I. is also a strong and fair platform for start career of a fresher. Here you can keep your entrepreneurial fire burning, that you can transform dreams into reality!



Dear Distributor,

Making the right choice is easier for you to succeed!

Congratulations on making the right choice to join Diamond Interest (D.I.) and take an important step in becoming entrepreneur!

Diamond Interest holds its own laboratory and several factories with ISO 9001:2008 and cGMP International standards in producing medicines, cosmetics, home and personal care products, and fertilizer. We are selling our own products in fresh and high-quality condition with affordable prices, at the same time rewarding our hardworking distributors through a fair yet simple marketing plan.

With the culture of caring and thanksgiving, D.I. had successfully transformed numerous distributors into mature and charming entrepreneurs with extraordinary income, eventhough each and every one of them came from different backgrounds, education, age and occupation, but with similarities in character -willing to learn, hardworking and unremitting like a rolling stone. They are proud to be a member of D.I., and so do we.

How many chances can you get in your life? D.I. can give you the most simple platform to succeed and achieve your dreams; here you may unleash your true potentials and bring your life to the next level of superb achievement!

Keep up the good work and sure you can do it! I wish you all the best!

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The HALAL Requirements According to Islamic Law


Direct Sales Licence


Member of Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM)